I picked up a new home office desk the other day and it wasn’t until I put the iMac on it that I realized that the Apple Magic Mouse does not work with a glass top desk.

In the back of my mind I knew this but was never a thought when I bought the desk or during setup.

I’m not a fan of mice pads as they can either be too thick, move around or just seem clumsy so I improvised and picked up some scrap window frosting from work and put it on the desk in place of a mousepad and works smooth.

As a note I did test with some frosting under the glass but this didn’t help the mouse at all.

What is nice is how thin it is on the desk. I can rest my hand or keyboard and not even realize it’s there.

I’ve now asked for an 8″ X 8″ new frosting with the “MyMac.Space” logo printed on it and will change it when I get that.